Hello everyone! I'm a Software-Engineer passionate about technology and media of all kinds. Since recently, I am working for Adobe as a Cloud Software Quality Engineer, after transferring over from mytaxi where I was working on interesting (server) projects involving all kinds of technologies.

The Master program I attended is called Computer Science and Media. It is an Information Technology degree program with some extra focus on Management and modern Media.



latest posts
  • Latest Instagram

    After it got a little bit silent around my website lately, I added a nice little new section to the Home page today. As you probably saw when clicking in, the latest picture of my Instagram account will now be loaded and displayed, right next to my latest tweet. Of course feel free to check out the rest of my pictures via the link as well.

  • Droplings for Mac

    If you like the comfort of CloudApp, with its possibility to drop files right on top of the Menubar-Icon, but you don't like the idea of installing an additional Cloud storage app, then Droplings might come in handy. It adds the exact same feature to your Dropbox. Plus, you can customize the webpage for your shared file, by creating your own template.

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  • GoogleDrive

    Yesterday evening I got an email from Google, informing me, that I can use GoogleDrive with my Account now. Today I downloaded the Mac client and startet to play around with it a little bit. I wrote down some of my experiences and took some screenshots to share them with you. If you consider to sign up for the program, fell free to read my thoughts first.

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latest projects
  • ToiletFinder

    During the SummerSchool course I took in July, we worked in a group of four students on a small project that we called the ToiletFinder. It was the first mobile app I put my hands on and it was fun. It is an Android App that allows users to find Toilets close to their current or a specific location. Pretty simple, pretty awesome!

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  • GlusterFS

    During the last month, two fellow students and me worked on a project for our lecture "System-Engineering and Management". We decided to investigate on the GlusterFS project, which was acquired by Red Hat some time ago. It is an open source file system, designed for cloud systems that have to scale and perform on a high level.

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  • Facebook Campaign Creator

    During my summer holidays in 2011 and in the time from december 2011 to february 2012 I worked for the Online & Performance Marketing Agency uniquedigital from Hamburg, Germany. I developed a module for their Media Management Suite Darwin that can be used to upload multiple Facebook Ad-Campaigns at once.

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